I grew up in this small town of Ottawa Ohio. I ventured away for school for a total of 3 months before I became homesick and had to move back. I missed my parents, my familiar roads, I missed my town. My nostalgic heart was in full force early in life. 

I grew up in the small business life. My grandparents owned a pet store and I vividly remember my time spent playing there with my cousins. My father started his own hardwood flooring business when I was 2. Now as I begin to see my visions come to life for my own business I can’t help but look back and think of all the sacrifices my family made to pursue a dream and support their family. 

Prior to starting this little career of mine I was a nanny, a soccer mom before a mom. That job prepared me more for life than I ever thought possible. After starting my own family and feeling the urge to start my own business I bought a camera and began educating myself of everything from lighting to posing to camera functions to print. I’ve come a long way since first purchasing that camera of mine but the dreams I had back in 2013 are finally beginning to become my reality. 

Let’s be honest though, I have a life outside of my little portrait studio … I mean I have three girls, life’s definitely exciting! And they just happen to be the reason I do what I do. reality

3 blonde girls fine art photography

We stay busy with homeschooling, swim practices, and dance classes; we love our church, our rare date nights, and family movie/game nights; I survive with bulletproof coffee, popcorn, hot baths, and wine; and we surround ourselves frequently with loved ones.

One of my favorite adventures is every September when my husband and I take off on our anniversary trip for a long weekend and just drive with no destination in mind. “Heads Carolina Tails California” style. There’s not much that beats stone roads, a 90’s country play list, and conversations with your best friend. And every fall you can find me on a beach somewhere soaking up more summer sun. We live a crazy, fun, family oriented life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you love family heirlooms as much as I do lets schedule a consult and studio tour. I’d love to help you create evertlasting memories for your family.

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